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We are extremely happy with our roof – it’s so much more comfortable on the 2nd floor and still looks great from the outside.

-Rebecca S., Silver Spring

A Series of Projects

Bob Lipovsky has done 3 separate jobs for us over the past 20 years, varying in scope and complexity. The first was a new brick garage with places to hang our kayaks and with an alternating tread staircase to the second floor storage space. The second was a replacement shower in the front bath, repairing where the old shower had leaked.

The third job was the most extensive and included both the roof and basement. He encapsulated the basement crawl spaces to keep water out and more importantly keep air from infiltrating. The new roof included putting new insulation on top of the old roof, and then a replacement roof on top of that. This enclosed the upstairs HVAC system in conditioned space, without compromising head room. This work was designed to get rid of the mold in the space, caused by having the HVAC system in unconditioned space, and a leaky basement.

Bob is easy to work with. Honest. Accessible. And has excellent subs. He does quality work. And it is worth it.

-Brooke B., Alexandria

Whole House Renovation

The renovation is gorgeous. We are extremely pleased. We did a whole house renovation… and Nautilus was on time and on budget. After every major phase of the project, Bob would call and ask, “Are you happy?” When I assured him we were, he would ask, “Is there anything we can do better because we don’t want you happy–we want you very happy.” Their customer service is excellent!

-Catherine L., McLean


Nautilus built for us a beautiful, massive 3-story addition. Home construction projects can be very stressful and disruptive on a family’s life. At every stage of the process, Bob communicated clearly, listened attentively, changed directions rapidly at our request and was always gracious, friendly and professional.

-Christian B., Alexandria


We have received many compliments regarding the outstanding work you did in building the very substantial addition to our home. The addition is a tribute to the quality of workmanship and materials that you employ.

-Gerard M., Bethesda


When I in search of a contractor, I was struck by two words that popped up in every conversation about Nautilus Builders — “honesty” and “integrity.” Now that they have finished doubling the size of our house, I can attest to their honesty and integrity—and would add “dependability,” “fairness,” and “concern for quality” to that list.

-Michael M., Bethesda